List of Forge World/Imperial Armour/Dataslate models.

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List contains most recent rules locations for any particular FW/IA/Apoc. models. Feel free to distribute links to this list, to copy it and to include it in tournament rulesets.
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NAMEFOC SlotArmyBook (most recent version)Page
Ahazra Redth HQSM: Mantis WarriorsFW webpagePDF
Aquila LanderFast Attack or Dedicated Transport*IG,AS,GKIA AERONAUTICA13
Arkos the Faithless, Scion of Alpharius HQCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION153
Armenneus Valthex HQSM: Astral ClawsFW webpagePDF
Armoured Sentinel (Alternate Weapon Options)Fast Attack*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION220
Arvus LighterFast AttackIG,ASIA AERONAUTICA19
Atlas Recovery TankHQIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION212
Attak Fighta Fast AttackORKIA AERONAUTICA42
Avenger Strike FighterHeavy SupportIG,ASIA AERONAUTICA20
BanebladeLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION79
BanehammerLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION80
BaneswordLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION81
Barbed Hierodule Lord of WarTYRAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION159
Barracuda Air Superiority Fighter Fast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION155
Be'LakorHQCSM,CDDataslate: Be’lakor, The Dark MasterN/A
Big Mek's StompaApocalypse onlyORKAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION272
Big Squiggoth Heavy SupportORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION118
Big Trakk Heavy SupportORKIA VOL. 8 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)156
Blasta BommerLord of WarORKIA VOL. 8184
Blight DronesFast AttackCSM,CDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION64
Blood Angels Contemptor Pattern DreadnoughtElitesBAIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION18
Blood Slaughterer of KhorneHeavy SupportCSM,CDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION65
BommerApocalypse onlyORKIA VOL. 8184
Bray'arth Ashmantle HQSM: SalamandersFW webpagePDF
Caestus Assault Ram Fast AttackAll MarinesIA AERONAUTICA30
Arch-centurion CommodusHQSM: Astral ClawsFW webpagePDF
Canoptek Tomb SentinelFast AttackNECIA VOL 12.121
Canoptek Tomb StalkerElitesNECIA VOL. 12116
Captain Corien Sumatris HQSM: Astral ClawsFW webpagePDF
Captain Maximillian WeisemannLord of WarIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION272
Captain Mordaci Blaylock HQSM: Novamarines (Ultramarines CT)FW webpagePDF
Captain Pellas Mir'san HQSM: SalamandersFW webpagePDF
Captain Silas Alberec HQSM: Exorcists (dowolne CT)FW webpagePDF
Captain Tarnus Vale HQSM: Fire Angels (Ultramarines CT)FW webpagePDF
Captain Zhrukhal Androcles HQSM: Star PhantomsFW webpagePDF
Centaur Carrier SquadronFast AttackIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION76
Cerberus heavy tank destroyerLord of WarAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION113
Chaos Contemptor DreadnoughtElitesCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION60
Chaos Decimator Daemon EngineElitesCD,CSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION62
Chaos Reaver TitanLord of WarCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION52
Chaos Relic PredatorHeavy SupportCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION59
Chaos SpartanHeavy SupportCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION58
Chaos Storm EagleHeavy SupportCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION57
Chaos Thunderhawk GunshipLord of WarCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION56
Chaos Warhound TitanLord of WarCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION54
Chaplain Dreadnought ElitesSMIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION170
Chaplain Dreadnought Titus HQSM: Howling Griffons (Ultramarines CT)FW webpagePDF
Charnel LychguardElitesNECIA VOL. 12117
Chimera Alternate Turret WeaponsN/A*IG,GKIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION64
Colonel Snake StranskiHQIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION274
Crassus Armoured Assault TransportLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION28
Cyclops Demolition VehicleFast AttackIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION216
CypherHQCSM,AS,BA,GK,IG,I,SM,SWDataslate: Cypher, Lord of the FallenN/A
Daemon Lord - Aetaos'rau'keres, Slayer of Souls Lord of WarCDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION67
Daemon Lord - An'ggrath the Unbound Lord of WarCDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION68
Daemon Lord - Scabeiathrax the Bloated Lord of WarCDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION70
Daemon Lord - Zarakynel Lord of WarCDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION72
Damocles Command Vehicle (Rhino)HQ [0-1]*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION186
Deathrolla Battle Fortress Lord of WarORKIA VOL. 8169
Deathstorm Drop PodHeavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION161
Destroyer Tank HunterHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION52
Dominus Armoured Siege BombardLord of WarIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION130
DoomhammerLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION83
Dreadclaw Fast AttackCSMIA AERONAUTICA73
Drone Sentry Turret Troops*TAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION158
Drop SentinelFast AttackIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION222
DX-6 'Remora' Drone Fighter Fast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Earthshaker Cannon BatteryHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION187
Farseer Bel-Annath HQELDIA VOL. 11 (w/ 6E Psykers Update)145
Fellblade Super-heavy tankLord of warAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION105
Field Artillery Battery (Heavy Mortar & Heavy Quad Launcher)Heavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION198
Fighta-Bommer Fast AttackORKIA AERONAUTICA41
Fire Storm Heavy SupportELDIA AERONAUTICA54
Fire Raptor GunshipHeavy Support*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION139
Fire Raptor GunshipHeavy Support*CSMFW webpage***PDF
Flakk Battle Fortress Lord of WarORKIA AERONAUTICA44
Flakk Trukk Heavy SupportORKIA AERONAUTICA46
Gargantuan Squiggoth Lord of WarORKAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION136
Gauss Pylon [there is also “Pylon” without Gauss in its name in Warzone:Damnos]Lord of WarNECIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION90
General Myndoras OdonHQIGIA VOL. 1177
Giant Chaos Spawn ElitesCSMIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION108
Goaded Great KnarlocHeavy SupportTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION156
Goff klawstompaApocalypse onlyORKAPOCALYPSE:RELOADED (or Custom Stompa Builder from IA8)23
Gorgon Heavy TransportLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION30
Gorgon Heavy TransporterLord of WarIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION134
Greater Brass Scorpion of KhorneLord of WarCSM,CDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION51
WARZONE:PANDORAX (note: alternative rules)44
Grey Knight Vortimer Land Raider RedeemerHeavy SupportGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION215
Grey Knight Vortimer RazorbackHeavy SupportGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION212
Grey Knight Doomglaive Pattern DreadnoughtElitesGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION215
Grey Knight Thunderhawk GunshipLord of WarGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION218
Grot Bomm Launcha Heavy SupportORKIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION (w/ 6E Veh. Update)54
Grot Mega-Tank Fast AttackORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION119
Grot Tank Battle Mob Elites*ORKIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION (w/ 6E Veh. Update)52
Gue'Vasa Auxiliary TeamTroops*TAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Gun Trukk Heavy SupportORKIA VOL. 8 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)153
Gun Wagon Heavy SupportORKIA VOL. 8 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)161
Hades Breaching DrillElites*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION210
Hammerhead optional turret weapons Heavy SupportTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Harridan Lor of WarTYRAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION162
Master Harath ShenHQSM: SalamandersFW webpagePDF
Heavy Artillery Carriage BatteryHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION188
Heavy Gun Drones Heavy SupportTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION158
Hecaton AiakosElitesSM: MinotaursIA VOL 12147
Hell Blade Fast AttackCSMIA AERONAUTICA71
Hell Talon Fast AttackCSMIA AERONAUTICA72
HellhammerLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION87
Hierophant Bio-Titan Lord of WarTYRAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION163
Hierophant Bio-Titan Biomorph UpgradesLord of WarTYRIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION132
High Chaplain Thulsa Kane HQSM: ExecutionersFW webpagePDF
Hornet Squadron Fast AttackELDIA VOL. 11 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)190
Hornet Squadron Fast AttackELDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION100
Hydra Platform BatteryHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION187
Hyperios Air Defence Battery Fast AttackAll MarinesIA AERONAUTICA39
Imperator class Battle TitanApocalypse onlyAll Imperial , CSMWas on GW webpage (removed)PDF
Imperial FortressLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION41
Imperial Mine PloughN/A*IG FW webpagePDF
Infernum RazorbackTransport*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION187
Inquisitor Lord Hector RexHQGKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION150
Inquisitorial Land Raider PrometheusDedicated TransportGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION223
Inquisitorial ValkyrieDedicated Transport/ Fast AttackGKIA 2 – 2rd EDITION230
Irillyth, Shade of Twilight HQELDFW webpagePDF
Ivanus EnkomiHQSM: MinotaursFW webpagePDF
Javelin pattern attack SpeederFast attack*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION154
Khorne Lord of SkullsLord of warCSM,CDAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION121
Khorne Tower Of SkullsApocalypse onlyCSMWARZONE:PANDORAX46
Kharybdis Assault ClawFast attack*CSMFW webpage***PDF
Kill Blasta Lord of WarORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION115
Kill BurstaLord of WarORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION114
Kill KrushaLord of WarORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION112
Knight-Captain Elam CourbrayHQSM: Fire HawksFW webpagePDF
Kroot Knarloc Rider HeardFast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION157
Kustom Battle Fortress Lord of WarORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION110
Kustom Meka-Dread Heavy SupportORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION108
Kustom Stompa Builder Lord of WarORKIA VOL. 8193
Land Raider Achilles Heavy SupportBS,DA,SM,SWIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION56
Land Raider AresHeavy SupportAll MarinesWas on GW webpage (removed)-
Land Raider Helios Heavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION56
Land Raider Prometheus ElitesAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION59
Land Raider ProteusHeavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION56
Land Raider Terminus Ultra Heavy SupportAll MarinesAPOCALYPSE RELOAD [also:Warzone:Damnos]16
Land Speeder Tempest Fast attackAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION154
Leman Russ AnnihilatorHeavy Support*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION48
Leman Russ ConquerorHeavy Support*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION41
Lias Issodon HQSM: RaptorsFW webpagePDF
Lifta Wagon Heavy SupportORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION116
LightningHeavy SupportIGIA AERONAUTICA12
Long-Range Scanner SquadHQ*IGFW webpagePDF
Lord Asterion Moloc HQSM: MinotaursFW webpagePDF
Lord High Commander Carab Culln HQSM: Red ScorpionsFW webpagePDF
Lt. Commander Anton Narvaez HQSM: Marines Errant (Ultramarines CT)FW webpagePDF
Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop PodTransport*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION160
Lugft Huron HQSM: Astral ClawsFW webpagePDF
Macharius Heavy TankLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION32
Macharius OmegaLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION35
Macharius VanquisherLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION34
Macharius VulcanLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION33
Magister Severin Loth HQSM: Red ScorpionsFW webpagePDF
Malakim Phoros HQBAFW webpagePDF
Malcador AnnihilatorLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION38
Malcador DefenderLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION37
Malcador Heavy TankLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION36
Malcador InfernusLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION39
Mamon, Daemon Prince of Nurgle HQCD,CSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION73
Manticore Launcher Tank (Air Defence Variant)Heavy SupportIGIA AERONAUTICA22
Manticore Launcher Tank (Manticore Missile Weapon Option)N/A*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION181
Manticore Platform BatteryHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION187
Marauder BomberLord of WarAll ImperialIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION47
Marauder DestroyerLord of WarAll ImperialIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION48
Maynarkh LordHQ*NECIA VOL. 12112
Maynarkh OverlordHQNECIA VOL. 12111
Maynarkh Scarab SwarmsFast AttackNECIA VOL. 12120
Mega-Dread Heavy SupportORKIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION107
Meiotic Spore Fast AttackTYRIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION73
Mek Boss Buzzgob HQORKIA VOL. 8123
Mekboy Junka Elites / Transport*ORKIA VOL. 8 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)189
Minotaur Artillery TankLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION31
Mortis Dreadnought (Mark V)ElitesDA,SMIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION171
Mounted Great Knarloc Herd Heavy SupportTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION156
Necron Tomb CitadelFortyfikacjaNECIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION86
Necron Tomb Stalker Heavy SupportNECIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION90
Night Shround BomberHeavy SupportNECIA VOL. 12124
Nightwing Interceptor Fast AttackELDIA AERONAUTICA50
ObeliskLord of WarNECAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION172
Nurgle Plague TowerApocalypse onlyCSMAPOCALYPSE:RELOADED54
Order Xenos Inquisitor Solomon LokHQGKIA VOL. 4 (w/ 6E Characters Update)140
Ordnance Battery (Basilisk, Medusa, Griffon, Colossus)Heavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION162
Phantom TitanLord of WarELDAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION146
Phoenix Bomber Heavy SupportELDIA AERONAUTICA49
Pirahna TX-42 Fast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Plague Hulk of Nurgle Heavy SupportCSM,CDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION66
Plague Ogryns Elites*CSMIA APOCALYPSE 274
Plaguereaper of Nurgle Apocalypse onlyCSMWARZONE:PANDORAX48
Praetor Armoured Assault LauncherLord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION29
Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher (Air Defence Variant)Lord of WarIGIA AERONAUTICA24
Pulsa-rokkitApocalypse onlyORKAPOCALYPSE:RELOADED29
Pylon [there is also a “Gauss Pylon” in IA:Apoc 3rd. Ed]Lord of WarNECWARZONE:DAMNOS62
Rapier Carriage Battery (Space Marines) Heavy SupportBA,BT,DA,SMIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION153
Rapier Laser Destroyer (Imperial Guard)Heavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION206
Raven Strike Fighter Fast AttackDEIA AERONAUTICA69
Reaper Heavy SupportDEIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION104
Reaver Battle TitanLord of WarAll ImperialAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION258
Remote Sensor Tower Grid FortificationTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Relic Deimos pattern PredatorHeavy Support*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION75
Relic Sicaran Battle TankHeavy Support*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION79
Relic Whirlwind ScorpiusHeavy Support*All MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION93
Revenant Titan Lord of warELD,DEAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION148
RepressorTransport*ASFW webpagePDF
Sabre Weapons BatteryHeavy Support*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION206
Salamander Command TankElitesIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION82
Salamander Reconnaissance TankFast AttackIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION81
Sash'O R'MyrHQTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION157
ScorpionLord of WarELDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION94
Scout Sentinel (Alternate Weapon Options)N/A*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION220
Scythed Hierodule GL GC (Heavy Support)Lord of WarTYRIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION130
Sentinel PowerlifterHeavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION223
Sentry Gun (Tarantula) (Imperial Guard)Heavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION202
Sentry Gun (Tarantula) (Space Marines)Heavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 12152
Sentry PylonHeavy SupportNECIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION82
Sergeant Culln Elites*SM: Red ScorpionsFW webpagePDF
Shadow Captain Korvydae HQSM: Raven GuardIA VOL. 8112
Shadow Spectres Fast AttackELDIA VOL. 11139
ShadowswordLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION92
Siege DreadnoughtElitesAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION171
Skullhamma Battle FortressLord of WarORKAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION278
Space marine contemptor pattern dreadnoughtElitesSM,DAIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION178
Space Marines Contemptor-Mortis pattern dreadnoughtHeavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION178
Space Wolves Contemptor Pattern DreadnoughtElitesSWIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION19
Spartan Assault TankHeavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION117
Spined Chaos Beast Heavy SupportCD,CSMIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION109
Stompa Lord of WarORKAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION138
Stone-Crusher Carnifex Heavy SupportTYRIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION74
Storm Eagle Assault Gunship Heavy SupportSM,DA,BT,SWIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION137
Storm Eagle Assault Gunship – Roc PatternHeavy SupportSMIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION138
Stormblade Super-Heavy TankLord of WarIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION107
StormlordLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION94
StormswordLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION96
Tallarn Mukaali Riders SquadFast AttackIGFW webpagePDF
TantalusHeavy Support lub Transport*DEIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION103
Tau Battlesuit Commander R'Alai HQTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Tau Commander Battlesuit Variants HQ*TAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Tauros Assault VehicleFast AttackIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION229
Tesseract ArkHeavy SupportNECIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION80
Tesseract VaultLord of WarNECAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION173
Tetra Scout Speeder Team Fast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
The Fortress of ArroganceLord of WarIGAPOCALYPSE - 1st EDITION106
ThunderboltHeavy SupportIGIA AERONAUTICA9
Thunderer Siege Tank Heavy SupportIGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION58
Thunderhawk GunshipLord of warAll MarinesAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION104
Thunderhawk TransporterLord of WarAll Marines, GKIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITIONnd EDITION131
Tiger Shark AX-1-0Lord of WarTAUIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION124
Tiger Shark Fighter-BomberLord of WarTAUIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION123
Toholok The BlindedHQNECIA VOL. 12110
Transcendent C'TanLord of WarNECAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION174
Traitor's Bane Apocalypse onlyIGWARZONE:PANDORAX55
Trojan Support Vehicle Transport*IGIA VOL. 1 - 2nd EDITION232
Tyberos the Red WakeHQSM: CarcharodonsFW webpagePDF
TyphonLord of WarAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION109
Uraka 'The Warpfiend' Daemon Prince of KhorneHQCDIA APOCALYPSE 268
Valdor Tank Hunter Lord of WarIGIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION40
Valkyrie Sky Talon Transport Heavy Support*IGIA AERONAUTICA16
Vampire Hunter Lord of WarELDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION96
Vampire RaiderLord of WarELDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION95
Vaylund Cal HQSM: Sons of Medusa (Iron Hands CT)FW webpagePDF
Veteran Sergeant Haas Troops*SM: Red ScorpionsFW webpagePDF
Vigilator Sargeant Hamath KraatosHeavy Support*SM: MinotaursIA VOL. 12149
Vulture Gunship Fast AttackIGIA AERONAUTICA14
Warhound Scout Titan Lord of WarDowolna imperialnaAPOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION261
Warkopta Fast AttackORKIA APOCALYPSE - 2nd EDITION (w/ 6E Veh. Update)44
Warlord class Battle TitanApocalypse onlyAll Imperial , CSMAPOCALYPSE - 1st EDITION124
Warp  HunterHeavy SupportELDIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION99
Wasp Assault Walker Squadron Fast AttackELDIA VOL. 11 (w/ 6E Veh. Update)188
Whirlwind Hyperios Heavy SupportAll MarinesIA VOL. 2 - 2nd EDITION89
Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw HQSWIA VOL. 11127
XV-107 'R'Varna BattlesuitHeavy SupportTAUFW webpage***PDF
XV-9 'Hazard' Close Support Armour Fast AttackTAUIA VOL. 3 - 2nd EDITION?
Zhadsnark 'Da Rippa' HQORKIA VOL. 8122
Zhufor the Impaler, Lord of the Skulltakers HQCSMIA APOCALYPSE – 3rd EDITION152

* - refers to models that can't be purchased standalone but as an upgrade to something. Or models that havedifferent limitations (i.e. Damocles Command Vehicle can be 0-1 per army and counts as HQ but doesn't occupy an slot and requires to purchase other HQ choice)